Welcome to the Kemetic RoundTable!

Welcome to the Kemetic Round Table (KRT) – a new blogging project aimed at providing practical, useful information for modern Kemetic religious practitioners! We recently noticed that many beginners in the Kemetic community have a lot of the same questions, and that there is currently no solid (and newbie safe) resource for newcomers to gain knowledge about getting started with the Kemetic faith and practice. To help remedy this, we decided that every few weeks, a group of Kemetic bloggers would tackle a common newcomer question and answer it as it pertains to their own personal practice. We’d then post our responses to this website – giving both seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike the opportunity to explore and discuss new methods and ideas about Kemetic practices in the modern era.

We believe that this will help to foster more camaraderie within the Kemetic community and will also become a haven of information for those new to Kemeticism.

It is our hope that this project will bring forth new learning and cohesiveness for the Kemetic community as a whole. You can find a list of questions that have been answered here and a list of generalized questions on the docket to be answered here. If you would like to see other questions or topics discussed, please post them in the comments below.

The Kemetic Round Table is open to any and all practicing Kemetics- of any seniority or flavor. If you would like to participate, simply leave a comment below that you’re joining and the blog you’ll be posting to. We’ll make sure that you’re included in future questions and release dates, and that your blog posts and responses get added to the master list for each question your respond to. If you would like to write a response to a question that’s already been answered, create your post, tag it with “Kemetic-RoundTable” and add the link to the comments section- we’ll be sure to add it to the master list for that question.

If you don’t have your own blog, but would still like to participate, we can host “guest blog”  posts on the site and link them to the questions. You can email us at guestblog (at) roundtable.kemeticrecon.com.

Our only requirement for participating in the Kemetic Round Table is that you write with respect. Please make sure that all responses are courteous and multi-path friendly. We will not accept or link to posts that are hateful or bash those that are new to Kemeticism or those of other practices or faiths. We believe firmly in embracing ma’at and community in this project, which is most simply summed up as “Don’t be a dick”. If a topic is too much of a trigger for you, simply bow out of that particular discussion. There will always be other questions to respond to.

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  • brookie5085

    I'd love to join! I have a Kemetic wordpress blog called Making Bright (http://makingbright.wordpress.com/) and a spiritual (mostly Kemetic) tumblr called Power Beyond Ages (http://starslikesugar.tumblr.com/), feel free to use either or both! 🙂

  • cardsandfeather

    I would like to join in! Cards and Feather (cardsandfeather.wordpress.com) is my blog!

  • von186

    Great! We look forward to it!

  • cardsandfeather


    This is for the Ritual Purity post. Thank you very much!

  • Its been added to the entry. Thanks! 🙂

  • kiya_nicoll

    I am running behind as usual but I will be in soon.

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  • Samekhh

    I'll be the audience!

  • kemeticfollower

    Hi would like to join my blog is http://kemeticfederation.wordpress.com

  • Awesome! We look forward to seeing your posts!

  • Nebet-Nehet

    Em Hotep,

    I would love to join the KRT. I'm Taysatwesir and my kemetic blog is http://pernehet.wordpress.com/ thank you. 🙂

  • shayirowan

    I would really love to join the KRT if it isn't too late. I'm Shayiwepwawet, and my kemetic blog (which I've only just started!) is http://sandstothesea.wordpress.com

  • von186

    Awesome! I'll make sure it gets added!

  • von186

    Great! We look forward to your posts! 🙂

  • yamiranpu2

    I would like to join if it is not to late to do so. My blog is Snowcoveredpath ( http://snowcoveredpath.wordpress.com/ ) It is a mixed spirituality blog but I am majorly Kemetic of one flavor or another.

  • Nope, its not too late. Feel free to cover new topics with the current KRT topic queue, or feel free to chime in on topics we’ve already discussed. Just let me know when you write up the post so I can make sure it gets added in 🙂