Terminology and Language


via Wikimedia Commons

via Wikimedia Commons

It can be challenging to practice a religion that originates from another language. For this round, we discuss how language influences our practice.

Terminology and language: how necessary is it? Is there a right or wrong way to use terminology and language in your practice?

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  • fannyfae

    I am very late on both liking and commenting on this post.

    FWIW, I think you (and Aubs and others_ are far more 'priest' than non-priest for all the work you do. Whether it is shrine keeping, community service and dialogue to those outside the faith and newbies, you are doing the right things and for the right reasons. No one can take it away from you – and IMNSHO, in the end, that is something that is between you and the NTRW. Your dedication to Kemet is an inspiration. If anything, you have lit the way and served as a good example for the rest. priest and not priest alike.