Kemeticism is a Journey

Many times a religious practice will change over the years. For this round, Kemetics discuss the ways in which their practice has shifted and grown throughout the years. … Continue reading

Modern Priesthood

Priests were a large part of the Egyptian religious structure in antiquity. For this round, Kemetics discuss what role priests may play in the modern era. … Continue reading

The Highlights of Kemeticism

There are many things people enjoy about their religious practice. For this round, we discuss the highlights of Kemeticism and how it has enriched our lives.   What parts of Kemeticism do you enjoy the most? How has Kemeticism enriched … Continue reading

The Afterlife

Many religions have ideas about what happens after you die. For this round Kemetic practitioners discuss the ancients’ views on the afterlife, as well as modern interpretations of what happens beyond the grave. … Continue reading

Ma’at & Isfet

Ma’at, and it’s opposite isfet, are central concepts in the Kemetic religion. For this round, we discuss how these concepts play a role in our practices. … Continue reading

Akhu Basics

  Many Kemetics include ancestor veneration into their practice. For this round, we discuss how ancestors may or may not play a role in your Kemetic practice. … Continue reading