Kemeticism is a Journey

Many times a religious practice will change over the years. For this round, Kemetics discuss the ways in which their practice has shifted and grown throughout the years. … Continue reading

Modern Priesthood

Priests were a large part of the Egyptian religious structure in antiquity. For this round, Kemetics discuss what role priests may play in the modern era. … Continue reading

Akhu Basics

  Many Kemetics include ancestor veneration into their practice. For this round, we discuss how ancestors may or may not play a role in your Kemetic practice. … Continue reading

Kingship and Practice

One of the first thing that many new Kemetics hear about and learn about is the concept of kingship within the community. For this round of KRT, we discuss whether kingship plays a role in your practice or not. … Continue reading

Daily Ritual Basics

One of the first questions that every new Kemetic asks is “how do you develop a daily practice?” This month, we discuss some of the basics of setting up your own daily practice. … Continue reading

Negotiating Holidays

Almost all Kemetics have to deal with navigating and handling non-Kemetic holidays. This month we discuss how each of us handles these holidays. … Continue reading

Kemetic Calendars and Holidays

One of the first questions anyone will ask about a new religion is- what are your holidays? For this round we discuss the trials of setting up a Kemetic calendar. … Continue reading