How do you survive fallow time?

“sand” by PredictorX

Everyone has dry spells in their religious practices. How do you handle the fallow times in your religious practice?

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Ritual purity: what does that mean for my practice?

ritual purityBefore doing a Kemetic ritual, it’s common to do something special to prepare yourself. What do modern Kemetics to do prepare themselves for ritual?

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Welcome to the Kemetic RoundTable!

Welcome to the Kemetic Round Table (KRT) – a new blogging project aimed at providing practical, useful information for modern Kemetic religious practitioners! We recently noticed that many beginners in the Kemetic community have a lot of the same questions, and that there is currently no solid (and newbie safe) resource for newcomers to gain knowledge about getting started with the Kemetic faith and practice. To help remedy this, we decided that every few weeks, a group of Kemetic bloggers would tackle a common newcomer question and answer it as it pertains to their own personal practice. We’d then post our responses to this website – giving both seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike the opportunity to explore and discuss new methods and ideas about Kemetic practices in the modern era. Continue reading