Kemetic Calendars and Holidays

One of the first questions anyone will ask about a new religion is- what are your holidays? For this round we discuss the trials of setting up a Kemetic calendar.

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Multiple Paths

'path path path' by hockadilly

‘path path path’ by hockadilly

Sometimes you will start on the path of Kemeticism, only to find that other paths call your name or interest you. This week, we discuss how to handle situations like this, and whether it is okay to mix or practice multiple paths at once.

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How did you get started?


Every Kemetic has to start somewhere. For this topic, we’re discussing how each of us got started in Kemeticism, and sharing any tips or stories that we might find helpful.

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Shrine Basics

Wepwawet Shrine

Image provided by Bezenwepwy. Click this image to visit her wordpress.

A shrine is a place of devotion to a particular deity, and is central in a lot of Kemetic’s practices. For this Round, we’ll be discussing the specifics about setting up your first shrine, and any rules regarding shrine creation. 

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Heka: The Basics


From wikimedia commons

One important concept within Kemetic practice is heka. For this round, we discuss what heka is and how we can utilize it in our practices.

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Little People Can Change the World, Too


by SamahR via Flickr

Little People Can Change the World, Too.
You Don’t Have to be a “Big-Name Pagan” to be a Trend-Setter and Enact Greater Change in the Kemetic community.

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Dealing with Inadequacy


There are times when even the best Kemetic practitioners feel inadequate.

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Kemeticism’s Effect on Daily Life

Compass Study by Calsidyrose

Compass Study by Calsidyrose

Religious practices have a knack for changing our world view and lives. For this round, we are discussing how Kemeticism has effected the daily lives of those who practice the religion.

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UPG & Doxa: The Basics

candle light

Candle Light by S l u i t e r t i j d – fotografie | Vanderlaan

UPG, or Unverified Personal Gnosis, and doxa are a large part of many modern Kemetic practices. For this round, we discuss the nuances of UPG and doxa. What do these terms mean? Are there rules regarding these terms? How important is UPG and doxa in your practice, and how important should others’ UPG and doxa be in my practice?

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The Egyptian Gods and You!

"The Beloved, Who Emerges from the Myrrh" by Warboar
“The Beloved, Who Emerges from the Myrrh” by Warboar

Figuring out what role the gods play in your religious practice can be tricky! This week, we discuss the following topics related to gods:

  • Do I need a main deity to practice Kemeticism? If so, how do I get a main deity?
  • Am I able to say no to a deity that shows up at my shrine?
  • Am I obligated to learn everything I can about my main deity?

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