Living Kemeticism

It can be difficult figuring out how to live your religious path. For this round of KRT, we discuss how we live our religion. … Continue reading

Underground Kemeticism

Each practitioner is different with how secretive they are with their practices and religion. For this round, we discuss how each of us handles our religious affiliations in day to day life. … Continue reading

Daily Ritual Basics

One of the first questions that every new Kemetic asks is “how do you develop a daily practice?” This month, we discuss some of the basics of setting up your own daily practice. … Continue reading

Negotiating Holidays

Almost all Kemetics have to deal with navigating and handling non-Kemetic holidays. This month we discuss how each of us handles these holidays. … Continue reading

The Ethics of Curses and Execrations

Many religious traditions have a history of performing curses and the like, and Kemeticism is no exception. For this round, we discuss if there are any ethics attached to these practices and the nuances of performing such acts. … Continue reading

Bribing and Threatening Gods

There are times when every practitioner is at the end of their rope and may consider bribing or threatening their deities. For this round, we discuss whether it is permissible to do either in Kemeticism. … Continue reading

Mythology and You!

  There is a lot of discussion regarding mythology and ancient Egypt. For this round, we discuss what role that mythology may play in a Kemetic’s practice. … Continue reading

Kemetic Calendars and Holidays

One of the first questions anyone will ask about a new religion is- what are your holidays? For this round we discuss the trials of setting up a Kemetic calendar. … Continue reading

Multiple Paths

Sometimes you will start on the path of Kemeticism, only to find that other paths call your name or interest you. This week, we discuss how to handle situations like this, and whether it is okay to mix or practice … Continue reading

How did you get started?

Every Kemetic has to start somewhere. For this topic, we’re discussing how each of us got started in Kemeticism, and sharing any tips or stories that we might find helpful. … Continue reading