Shrine Basics

A shrine is a place of devotion to a particular deity, and is central in a lot of Kemetic’s practices. For this Round, we’ll be discussing the specifics about setting up your first shrine, and any rules regarding shrine creation.  … Continue reading

Heka: The Basics

One important concept within Kemetic practice is heka. For this round, we discuss what heka is and how we can utilize it in our practices. … Continue reading

Little People Can Change the World, Too

Little People Can Change the World, Too. You Don’t Have to be a “Big-Name Pagan” to be a Trend-Setter and Enact Greater Change in the Kemetic community. … Continue reading

UPG & Doxa: The Basics

UPG, or Unverified Personal Gnosis, and doxa are a large part of many modern Kemetic practices. For this round, we discuss the nuances of UPG and doxa. What do these terms mean? Are there rules regarding these terms? How important … Continue reading

Ritual purity: what does that mean for my practice?

Before doing a Kemetic ritual, it’s common to do something special to prepare yourself. What do modern Kemetics to do prepare themselves for ritual? … Continue reading